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Holiday Park From town, S 6 mi on US-377 to Pearl Ranch Dr/S Lakeview Dr, E 2 mi (E)
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Holiday Park
Reviewer : Daniel Wickham
From : 24
Date of review : April 12, 2010
Rating : 8
Date of stay : 3/2010
My wife and I have stayed at Holiday Park a few times in the past. The Park hosts were very nice and even came out to the fishing peer to visit. The Park was quiet in the evenings and the RV spots were very clean. The only negative thing I can say is the grass was not mowed beyond a few feet around the camp sites, and their boat dock is not built well enough to protect the sides of bigger boats. On an upper note the crappie was fair on minnows in deeper water, around structures and stumps.
Holiday Park
Reviewer : M. Childs
From : Benbrook, Tx
Date of review : May 18, 2012
Rating : 5
Date of stay : 12/2011
I live right by Holiday Park and have been walking down there for over 20 years. During that time, I have picked up trash and debris and tolerated loud partying from campers until all hours in the night. I have never called down to the guard shack to complain because I did not want to bother them late at night. You might say we have just grown used to it and have learned to tolerate it. However, each time I have been approached by one of the retirees who work at the front gate, I have had to deal with this attitude they have that for some reason, they think they are some kind of federal law enforcement agent about to solve some big crime caper. I do not have a problem with buying a pass to go into the park but I really have a hard time tolerating these yahoos they hire to work at the front gate. Please....While you're training these people to ride around the park in their golf carts monitoring the pulse of things, tell them they will not likely have to load their bullet and apprehend any dangerous criminals. From now on, I plan to call the front gate anytime I hear a peep out of the campers past midnight.
Holiday Park
Reviewer : James Brooks
From : 71
Date of review : June 28, 2009
Rating : 0
Date of stay : 6/2009
ive been camping in benbrook for many years and never have i had a real problem with anyone as i have had problems with Holiday park. You would think that the elderly people running this place would be nice homey people but there all *******! they're rude and to concerned about making a dollar. A lady told today that she rides her bike through this park once a day and has a pass, she had forgotten her pass and all she had was $100 bill and they wouldnt let her in becouse they couldnt break. now theese people see this lady everyday and knew she had a pass. I just cant stand what this park has come to! Rocky Creek is a great place to go you should try that out!