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South Prairie Creek RV Park Hwy 410, turn at Albertsons (South Praire Rd). Follow to end. Left on Hwy 162. Immediate Right into Park.
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South Prairie Creek RV Park
Reviewer : TOM
From : Oregon
Date of review : October 1, 2009
Rating : 10
Date of stay : 9/2009
Maybe the other review is the last managers, I stayed for a month and loved it. found that the owner and management was on top of everything. The place was clean and very pleasent I would recommend to anyone.
South Prairie Creek RV Park
Reviewer : Herald
From : From Oregon
Date of review : April 16, 2009
Rating : 0
Date of stay : 4/2008
This place was dirty with obvious drug activity and more illegal stuff going on. Trust me when I say-LOCK YOUR DOORS! I have travelled around the US and this is the most misleading advertisement I have seen yet, clean-Hah!, safe-RIGHT! I did hear that the last management prior to the current one had this place in tip top shape so maybe its just a case of bad choices in change but they say a Park(business) is only as good as its owner which is sad to think of if its true in this case. If the change in mngmt caused this place to turn to trash then maybe its time to reevaluate and see that beauty is much more than outside appearance when the service sucks and your afraid of your neighbors on BOTH sides of you!